Saturday, October 11, 2008

The reviews so far, in brief.

“Beautiful. . . . Heartbreaking. . . . Extremely personal and intimate. . . . The stories, woven throughout the beautiful illustrations and the sometimes-disturbing photos, are a wake-up call to the atrocities that are occurring daily.” —Curve Magazine

“Creatively compiled. . . . Beautifully constructed. . . . We can’t all make the remarkable journeys Kirshner has, but with this book, she serves as our unexpected ambassador.” —Modern Tonic

“An ambitious project. . . . The vibrant, collage-like approach to the subject matter gives the material immediacy.” —Publishers Weekly

“Powerful. . . . A touching, gorgeously produced, and thoughtfully edited compilation of stories from the world’s trouble spots. . . . Combines reportage, photography, fiction, and comics to create a group portrait of the lives of refugees and displaced people worldwide.” —New York Magazine

“Gut-wrenching—and hauntingly beautiful.” —Glamour

“A visually stunning presentation of the lives of women and children surviving under the worst circumstances in Burma, Mexico, Russia and Malawi. . . . Powerful.” —Kirkus

“Compelling.” —Elle

“A vibrant, passionate look at lives affected by poverty, violence, and political repression. . . . [A] brave attempt to break beyond standard documentary approaches.” —Planet

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