Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Book update

Hi - 
I Live Here has been out for a month now and Paul, Mike, James and I are amazed by the response so far. The reviews have been great, cool publications are writing about what we’re doing, and the feedback we’re getting from people that we meet has been overwhelming.

I’ve been on the road for the last few weeks, trying to sum up seven years of life-changing travel. To those of you who have come out to hear me speak, THANK YOU SO MUCH. I realized something: How lucky I am to get to share what I have seen. It’s a great exercise in humility and gratitude for the opportunities I’ve been given to work on this project. Each person that comes out to hear about the book is crucial. The event in Santa Cruz was wonderful and we actually sold out of the books! Then the same thing happened in Toronto, NYC, Portland and Seattle.

People are asking: “What can we do? Here is what I know: All that matters is what you are doing. If there is a change you want to see in the world, do it. Dare to do it and stick to it, no matter what obstacles come up. 

Here is one thing – we need you. If you can buy I Live Here, please do so. If you believe in the work we’ve done, let your friends know about the book. Your support will make future projects possible – we are setting up a pilot creative writing program in a juvenile prison in Malawi (thanks to funding from the amazing Causecast.org) and making early plans for the second book in the ILH series. Any royalties will go to Amnesty International. None of us who worked on this book is taking a dime. 

Please come out to the events that are coming up. Don’t be shy to come up to me and share your thoughts about the book.

1/11—Los Angeles, CA/ 6:00 p.m Chapman College Event

11/14—Boston/ 7:00 p.m Harvard Books event Masschusetts Ave., Cambridge 

11/15—Boston/ Amnesty International Regional Conference

11/16—Miami/ 12:00 p.m Miami Book Fair appearance. Miami Dade College. 300 Northeast Second Avenue

11/17—Austin/ 7:00 p.m Book People event 603 N. Lamar Blvd

In the mean, I hope this finds you well. Thanks for checking in with us.

Many Hugs


and Mike, Paul and James


Lori B said...

Mia K you have no idea how amazing you are. You have no clue what this book has done for me- the awareness as well as the personal revelation it brings. I look forward to hear you speak in Boston/Cambridge. Have a wonderful few days off until then.
Many blessings,
Lori B

faces come out of the rain said...


Hey! I am the filmmaker from Chapman who was wearing the green shirt and scarf at the Amnesty event today. I want to thank you for coming out to Chapman to speak. Though I am glad that people were able to come, I was disappointed, but not surprised, in how little interaction there was from the audience. I am so glad that you stepped forward to take action in going to these four places and actually seeking the personal stories of people. As I said tonight, personal stories are severely lacking when international and human rights abuses and conflicts are discussed. It is so easy to talk about problems, to argue about them, and to recognize what is wrong but to really do nothing beyond our words. In our increasingly interconnected world, we are becoming disconnected, isolated from one another rather than understanding how we directly do or can affect one another. As someone who seeks to have a career in bringing the voices of marginalized people to be heard within and outside their communities, I constantly wrestle with how I can best bring their voices to be heard.

It is refreshing to know that your persistence (seven years!) led you to get this book published with no publishing skills. I saw on the website that your foundation specifically wants to bring opportunities for art and expression to those in devastated countries. I have already bought your book, and I know that I can encourage my friends to buy it, but I am wondering if there is a better way for me to do outreach to high school and college campuses to inform them about the book.

I look forward to hearing from you!


Rosemarie said...
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Amanda said...

This book is such an inspiration, I really want to make it to Boston. Hopefully I can get a sitter for the babe.

Courtney said...

Thank you thank you~
I read about the book in the globe and mail, and having followed your work as an actor, was intrigued. It's more than I could've imagined, heart breaking and moving, and such a strong use of art to say something--I literally just finished the last book, I know that I will be thinking about it, acting on it, for a long time.

Loris said...

We are the one have to thank you for what you've done and keep doing.

Reading the book is like doing a trip.. and I mean the drug.
While reading you're bombarded emotionally and visually by all those images, stories, faces, fear and hopes...
It really gets you there, more than any tv news can ever do.

I'm really sorry I cannot make it to USA or Canada to support you personally...
I hope someday soon european media
show some interests in your work, so maybe you can come here to promote the book.

lots of love.
greetings from Milano

Lori B said...

Loris: I am getting that signed photo for you of Mia. For Mia, Loris and I (lori and loris= how odd) have shared many discussions about you for quite a length of time.
This book has been something that has been a discussion for us daily on Myspace. Following your trades work as well.
So when I show up to Cambridge with these 8x10's know that it's for two fans who have followed and adore your work. Further, thanks for the email responses. That says a lot about you.
I have so many questions and thoughts, but will be to shy to ask. If only one could win a "coffee date" with Mia to simply talk about I LIVE HERE.
Cheers and Kudos Mia K
Lori Brock

muse of the violets said...


Thank you again for presenting at the Miami Book Fair yesterday afternoon. Your book is incredibly inspiring and should be shared with as many people as possible.

I work as a writer and communications specialist at Miami Dade College and would like to put you in touch with one of my colleagues who could help you get your book into the College's classrooms. I think you would make a great visiting writer as part of our author-residency program or during our annual Writers Institute.

You may either contact me for more information at ntallman@mdc.edu or may work directly with Lissette Mendez from MDC's Florida Center for the Literary Arts: lissette.mendez@mdc.edu, 305.237.3298.

In the meantime, I will help spread the word about your book by writing an article for the Dec. 1 issue of the College’s online newsletter, reaching 165,000 students at eight campuses and thousands of alumni and faculty members.

All the best to you and safe travels,


2m.mn.ml said...

I cannot belive I missed you yesterday!!! You were here and I could it have gone to Miami to see you, tell you thank you, and that you rock!!!!!

Kseniya said...

There is so much beauty in the world. And there is so much tragedies happen every day. So much fear in the hearts of those whom we never hear about, those who do not exist for the most of the world.
If there was no one to tell us about the Sun, planets, dinosaurs, we'd never know about them. If there were no people like you, we'd never hear these people.
We moan about degradation and how everything is terrible, about the times which came and how unhappy we are to see all of this. But we never think that...it could've been worse and for some - it is. One good friend of mine said something what I remembered for the rest of my life: "By saving one soul, we can save the whole world". I wish more people realized that and did something about it.
Thank you very much!
Wishing you best luck,
Kseniya L from Ukraine

Anne-Sophie said...

Object: “I live here” in France?

Dear Ms Kirshner,

This is with a real emotion that I red your amazing book « I live here ». Thank you for being so true and showing the world the way it really is, to reveal our consciousness of citizen of the world.

I am truly impressed by your reviews in the media and by your promotion campaign. I do know that you are really busy running across the country at this time, but the reality of your book has to cross the borders.

As a French student in a Business school in Bordeaux (UNO on its « Globally Responsible Leadership Initiative » accredited (GRLI-EFMD/UNGC)), and majoring in culture and art management, I couldn’t be more interested by your commitment. This is why I think that your book should really be translated into French, it could really find an audience here.

But I have a more important proposition to make: each month our school receive for a meeting (prepared by students) a person which tries to open our minds (Hubert Reeves, Nicolas Hulot, Boutros Boutros-Ghali, Elie Weisel…), every meeting is followed by around 600 people and open to all (students, teachers, politics, press…). Having you at one of this meeting would really be a great honor but also a pleasure and a way to reach French consciousness.

I am in Los Angeles right now and will be back in France at the beginning of December. I have seen that you’ll be in Austin, TX till today but if you want to meet me in order to exchange our opinions (in Los Angeles or in Paris) it will be a real pleasure for me.

You can contact me by e-mail at this address :

I am looking forward to hear from you,

Yours Sincerely,
Anne-Sophie Lehec.

ROBB said...

My son and I were at your appearence in Miami, you really made an impression on him. He told his teacher about the book and said that she should read it. I have read all four and they are great, I have given him a summary of each one. (I'll wait till he is a little older to let him read them on his own)
He wanted me to tell you that maybe for your next book you could tell the story of someone with a disability. In the USA it is hard enough living with a disability, and I know in third world countries it is often extremely difficult for people with disabilities.
Thanks again for being so nice to my son and taking the time to talk with him, it meant a lot. Keep up the good work you are doing. You really are making an impact.
Take care,

影---響 said...

Would you kindly tell me the background music of you website? http://www.i-live-here.com/#


g.ryder said...

Hi Mia, I remember you mentioning the book when you were a guest at the L Word convention in the UK back in 2006 (you might remember me and the little gift I made for you!) I have been eagerly awaiting it’s publication since that time and wanted you to know that after a fair amount of time searching for UK stockists, I have bought the book online in the UK.

The work you and the other authors have done is so amazing and the stories so moving and powerful. It truly is humbling to see the amount of time, care and passion that has gone into this project and I am so proud to now be a part of it and contributing to your cause. It is so wonderful to see the amount of support you are all getting and the difference that these stories are making to the lives of these people. I was previously unaware, until now, about the plight of these people, whose determination and courage has seen them overcome insurmountable odds and in some cases, talk openly about the horrors tey face in their day to day life. I shall definitely spread the word about this incredible book to my friends and colleagues and look forward to the second book in the series.

I hope that these stories continue to raise awareness of the experiences of those not as fortunate as ourselves so that we can help make a real difference.

Gemma, UK

Carlyfornia said...

Mia, what you have created is beyond words, you have selflessly given hope and inspiration to people less fortunate than ourselves and acted out in ways many people of your status would have not even thought about twice of. You truly are an angel and have touched the hearts of many all over the world. Your book brought me to tears and i cannot imagine how much of a struggle it was for you to be there in these places and see it first hand, you are brave and beautiful both inside and out. I hope to see many more publications from you as I Live Here was a pleasure to read and become aware of the dismal predicaments in which the unfortunate live, no matter how difficult it may be to keep reading about.
Thank you for enlightening me.
Best Wishes
All My Love
Carly x

Anonymous said...
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Cuca said...

I live in Southern Mexico and (finally) buying a book that really talks about what happened in Ciudad Juárez is amazing. The Media–as much as they've tried to document what happened–never gets to the bottom of it because it's all so fucking dirty and mafia-like.
I ordered the book online and was finally delivered today. I can't wait to start reading all the stories.
Thank you all for the hard work and amazing documentation.
I wish you the best of lucks and hope to see you soon.

Take care,


p.s. I'll make sure I pass the word around about this book(s).

Cuca said...

I just finished reading the Ciudad Juárez book and it's not as I imagined it would be. It's even better. So personal and raw. The art and writing is unbelievably touching and it affected me in every way possible.
Just as you did, I feel like an alien right now. My house, my books, my computer, my clothes, they're all so meaningless now.
It's not that I didn't know–or cared–about "Las Muertas de Juárez", it's just that I didn't know any individual stories. I don't know if it makes sense.
Either way, thank you again.

Take care,


mmmkay said...

Hey Mia.
i just started on i live here translation. i'm Korean. so sometiomes it's hard for me to understand what you said on the radio and TV.
all the while i was reading books i confused what should i do?
Maybe it's gonna take me a long time to read (with dictionary).
but i'm appreciated that i have a chance to know you and read book.
i hope that you visit Seoul.
take care.

Briana said...

Hi Mia!

I'm so excited for you and the book release! The book is truly inspiring, and I admire you and your efforts to bring awareness to important issues. I hope to do the same things you're doing--traveling and sharing your experiences. I'm traveling to South Africa in early January, and I'll be working with children who have been orphaned by AIDS. I'm excited about my trip and eager to help.

Happy Holidays!

Best Wishes,

P.S.--you should stop by Mississippi sometime to talk about your book; or at least stop by when promoting your next book. It may not seem like there's much down here, but you will be surprised! :)

hojoly said...

I can't believe that I missed your Boston appearance at Harvard Bookstore (plug to support independent book stores!). I Live Here is so original, informative, thought-provoking and inspiring! I'd love to see you on CSPAN Book TV. I hope to see a next book.

Anonymous said...

I got the book for Christmas(by request of course) and I read all four pieces in one sitting...it was amazing. I'm emailing my women's studies professor, who I took a gender and the graphic novel class and a few other classes where this book would definitely be relevant, recommending that she teach this book in future courses. It was amazing...

Sunny Dey said...

Hello blog keepers of the wonderful collection I Live Here. I want to attend the event on the 11th at Chapman, but it IS a university with lots of buildings and events sooo do you have more specific details? Thanks.

KID said...

come to north east pa. whatever you need to do to promote this book i will help you with.

silvia said...

En realidad no sé si poner Señorita Mia... o solo Mia..
en fin..
Te cuento que yo soy de Chile, mi nombre es Tamara, y... no hablo mucho Inglés :P
Es por eso que te escribo en castellano.
He leído bastante de tu libro... en realidad de las páginas de Lesbicanarias llegue al blog, y me ha interesado mucho...
Que hayan personas aún en esta época que quieran seguir haciendo conciencia social por las catástrofes, por la degradación del ser y de los derechos humanos, me alienta mucho pues me dice que aún estamos a tiempo; que hay que llegar a la conciencia de muchas personas... Hay que hacerles conocer a los jóvenes las cosas que realmente importan y preocupan del mundo... No es que yo sea muy grande, tengo 19 años, pero por lo mismo lo digo, las personas de mi edad no tienen conciencia de lo que en estos momentos pasa en los países mas pobres del mundo... no les importa porque viven en un mundo de conformismos inútiles...

Acá en Chile hay varios colectivos artísticos que nos llevan a pensar y tratar de crear ideas para no seguir en lo mismo... pero dichos colectivos no tienen mucha fuerza...
Me gustaria mucho leer este libro, y porsupuesto compartirlo con mis amigos y con todas las personas que quieran de verdad relacionarse con el mundo en que viven; empezar a tomar conciencia del daño que hacemos al no preocuparnos...

Personalemnte, me gusta trabajar con temas de impacto social y cultural; yo estudio Diseño en Comunicación Visual; y la manera en que puede llegar una fotografia de carencia de vida... de amor, es lo que me gusta entregar... impactar al receptor visual con imágenes...
con respecto a esto, estaba interesada en hacer una presentación para mi Universidad, de este tema. Me gustaria tomar de ejemplo su libro, exponer imágenes del mismo, pero aún no llega a Chile...
Quisiera saber si hay alguna posibilidad de que el libro llegara acá...
No tengo dinero para comprarlo por internet... ni para ir a comprarlo afuera xD

Si no llegara el libro luego... Podría mandarme algunas fotografías del libro a mi mail?
me encantaria exponerlas...
si es que no les molesta..

Ojala me respondan...

Felicitaciones por su libro.. que ahora será de todos, pues es una buena enseñanza, y un empuje a seguir en movimiento...
Gracias por la paciencia y la humildad de mostrarnos como es en verdad esta vida... el dolor... la verdadedra razón del dolor es que no nos preocupamos por el otro...
quizás ahora las personas se preocupen de dar más de sí a cada momento...

Espero sigamos en contacto...
Felicitaciones de nuevo!!

Triggster said...

The book was actually amazing and has left a significant inpact on my viewing of the world in general. As a teenager (15) its always easy, I believe, to shrug serious issues away with an excuse along the lines of... "It doesn't affect me" etc. Yet I am trying to sway from this and, personally, believe that this book has helped me mature a great deal.
Although I was dissapointed that I had to wait and order "I Live Here" from amazon as there are no shops in the UK (Waterstones, WHsmith etc.) that are selling it *gasp*.

Is there any chance at all that "I Live Here" will be promoted in the UK because I'm sure it could make a big impact. At least no translation would have to be done :-).
My email is megdapeg@hotmail.co.uk if there is any chance I could be emailed with any updates of the above situation... :D.

This book has also managed to introduce me to you Mia K as an actress. I recognised you from "Not Another Teen Movie" and you are definately an antithesis to the character you play! xD

Also I, stupidly, thought that the "L" in "The L Word" stood for love so I did start watching the 1st episode. Soon enough I realised it was a lesbian drama o_0 xp.

Fran said...

Wow, I just finished reading your book and I'm stunned. For me it's not just a book but a piece of art. Very touching and moving.

There is a book that might be of interest for you. It is titled
"Dragon Fighter, One Woman's Epic Struggle for Peace with China" by Rebiya Kadeer.
The English version will be published in April 2009. Here in Germany it was already published in December 2008.
After reading "I live here" I've got a feeling that you might like it.

All the best

Amanda L said...

Hi! I wish I could've been at one of the readings or book signings, that would have been amazing! You truly deserves to be proud for your work, Mia, and so does your co-writers. When I've finish reading I Live Here I'll let you know my thoughts around it. Count on it!
Having read many reviews and heard you talk about this book before, I can't wait to read it and talk about it in my english class.
I really hope this book gets out where I live as well, people should read stories that actually makes a difference.
Come to Norway, Mia! Or at least a place remotely close to it. I'd love to tell you personally what I think about the book. I really hope I can one day.
I'm proud of you, you're a true inspiration!

Lots of love from your true fan in Norway.

ana said...

To mia and everyone involved in this moving project:

Congratulations for this beautiful book! I found myself last Friday night discussing it with my friends, who are also amazed by the issues that are exposed on the book.

This whole experience made me see that behind the "explosions" and "conflicts" and the "war", there are people with their own faces and names. I was really moved by it, mostly because I couldn't avoid the fact that I was really clueless about most of these issues and I was confined to my friends, my house, my books, my movies and my music.

I hope that the following "i live here" books will bring the book tour to Europe.

And since you asked for our opinions, I think that the "favelas" in Brazil, where kids don't have food or a house, they don't go to school and most of them are orfans and are already in jain would be a great issue for you to approach on the next book mostly because a lot of people only see Brazil as a great place to visit for New Year's Eve.

Cambodja would be a really interesting place to go to also; there, most people are really poor and they have to live from agriculture, unaware that the land mines that Khmer Rouge left years ago on the fields where they have to work can blow them up. I'm curently working on this subject and I'll post something about it soon on my blog; I hope someone will read it.

There are still a lot of stories to be told, I'm sure you'll find somthing interesting to talk about...Thank you so much for opening my eyes!

Take care and please, stay safe when you go on these trips.
Thank you for your time.

All the best,

Stephania said...

I can't wait to buy the book, I've been eager to do so since I first heard of it in an interview you did... I'll comment again once I've read it :) but until then please know that not only do I immensely respect your work as an actress (I think "The Black Dahlia" is one of my favorite movies ever... thanks to your so poignant and ((mind-blowingly)) beautiful interpretation; and I don't even mention Jenny because it breaks my heart that she died.......) but I also admire this "other thing" you're doing for all these people to whom you give an opportunity to tell us about their lives. Kudos to YOU, to your co-writers and to all the people involved. Can't wait to be part of it...
Stephania, from Geneva Switzerland.

Anonymous said...

Do you have any plans to come to London as Id love to buy the book and meet you ;)

chery said...

just to know about this book and really wnt to read asp if i hv time to go to book shop this weekend.:)but not sure can find at here (bkk thailand)

Layne said...

Dear Mrs Kirshner,

Thank You for the book.
I might be young but your book and the way it was done helped me to understand that I'm not the only one in this world.


lowercase-v said...

hi, cant' afford to order the book at the moment so i'll proabably wait for it to be in South African stores.

in the meanwhile i mentioned it in my blog


let me know if you come to promote the book here, please

much love

maria09 said...

Dear Mia,
It took me ages to find this amazing book in Spain. I looked for it everywhere and I finally decided to have it shipped by a friend.Unfortunatly,it looks like such important problems as the ones you have shown me and the world with "I live here" are not on the mainstream as much as they should. After I read the book all the waiting was worthy. It is amazing what you (and let's not forget Mr Mackinnon, Mr Shoebridgets and Mr Simons) have achieved.You have truly changed lives. I have no words to describe, but it would mean the world to me to stablish any kind of contact with you.With deep admiration, Maria Lopez

Anonymous said...


i think that you would like it.

i hope that someone will read it...thank you so much for your time.

Jasmin said...

Mia other members of this project

Maybe you do not read it but not much trying. I know I am not the first to last much less say''my god, that incredible initiative''... Today, many Offers its time to show the world that exists outside of our reach?

I live in Brazil and have traveled to some poor regions, photographed, talked and seeking a way to improve things, this project 'i live here' enchanted me .. I'm trying to find the book in many bookstores around here without much success, then tell me, how can I join with you? where buy the book? My God, are so many questions ... where I will be working very grateful.

my e-mail contact is jassbernardes@hotmail.com, I look forward in an answer!

A hug and again congratulations!

Delaila said...

Mia I have not read your book, yet. I have only come across this two days ago and I am intrigued. I find great inspiration in your desire to bring awareness to the injustices people have to deal with. My heart already feels heavy with the notion that this won't be easy to take it but it needs to be known. Thank you for your tremendous courage.