Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Book Tour

The book is coming out on October 14, and will be touring Canada (dates to come) and the United States:   

10/14 I Live Here Launch. 

10/15—Los Angeles / 7 p.m Book Soup in-store signing  8818 Sunset Blvd.  

10/17 Vancouver, Canada, 7 p.m Vancouver Writer's Festival, location TBA

10/19—Madison, WI/ 12:00 p.m Wisconsin Book Festival appearance, Orpheum Theatre, 216 State St. 

10/20—Minneapolis/ 7:30 p.m Magers and Quinn reading and signing 3038 Hennepin Ave. South, Minneapolis 

10/21—New York/ Idlewild Books book party. 

10/22—New York / 7 p.m Barnes and Noble Tribeca reading and signing event. 270 Greenwich St. New York

10/25 – Toronto IFAO event with Lauren Kirshner and Karen Connelly, Studio Theatre, 235 Queens Quay West

10/27—Seattle/ 7:30 p.m Elliott Bay Book Company at Town Hall event 1119 8th Avenue, Seattle

10/28—Portland/ 7:30 p.m Powell’s Books Burnside reading and signing 1005 W. Burnside, Portland

10/29—San Francisco/ 7:30 p.m Books Inc in the Castro reading and signing 2275 Market Street 

10/30—Corte Madera, CA/ 7:00 p.m Book Passage reading and signing 51 Tamal Vista Blvd.  

11/1—Santa Cruz, CA/ 7:30 p.m Bookshop Santa Cruz reading and signing 1520 Pacific Ave.  

11/6—Los Angeles/ 7:00 p.m Vroman’s reading and signing, 695 E. Colorado Blvd. Pasadena 

11/8—Pasadena, CA/ 11:00 a.m Amnesty International Regional Conference 

11/11 Los Angeles, CA/ 6:00 p.m Chapman College Event

11/14—Boston/ 7:00 p.m Harvard Books event Masschusetts Ave., Cambridge 

11/15—Boston/ Amnesty International Regional Conference 

11/16—Miami/ 12:00 p.m Miami Book Fair appearance. Miami Dade College. 300 Northeast Second Avenue.  

11/17—Austin/ 7:00 p.m Book People event 603 N. Lamar Blvd 


carencibia said...

what about those poor souls living in poverty and inhuman conditions in Cuba nobody cares because there is no oil..can we tell there stories

Anonymous said...

I agree with carencibia. what about the poor souls living in poverty and inhuman conditions in Monaco nobody cares because there is no oil..can we tell there stories? please save them with your writing mia.

Anonymous said...

I think the two of you while coming acrossed like you thinking of others are actually thinking of yourself.

Mia and others have given a lot of their time, energy and money to help people in these awful conditions. They've seen horrors most of us can only imagine. Yet the only thing out of your mouth is to ask her to do more.

How about... hey.. what you did was a really kind act and I think you're doing a really good job at it.

Or I'm sorry you had to witness so many horrors and I can only imagine that your head and dreams are full of those images that you went through in order to write something like this.

That some of us out here can see what you did... the time you took and efforts you made.

My hat is off to you Mia and the rest of the authors who were involved in this project.

I applaud celebrities who help out their fellow man. Me... I'm poor, but I give what I can.. when I can to help out...

So you are appreciated even those these numskulls are so rude and say things without thought. Not all of us are like that though.

Take care !

y¤percib¤ said...

Aplause! Aplause! Aplause! Aplause!

... well said "leather7747"!!

Foxy! said...

J'aime ce livre =)

aline said...
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aline said...
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aline said...

Comment tu peux dire ça?! Il est même pas encore sorti...

Vous pensez que le livre va sortir en Europe? Et que le book tour va passer par là?

Do you think the book will be available in Europe? And will the book tour come here?

...because I live here ;)

chatterbox said...

Hi there - I'm really looking forward to this book. Any chance of a book tour stop in Washington, DC? Politics and Prose would be a perfect place to do it...

-jim d.

..a.M.w.. said...

I would just like to say thank you to Mia.
I saw you today in Minneapolis and unfortunately dodged out of the bookstore before thanking you for personally gathering these stories. I think telling stories is one of the best ways to expose things/people/information.
You've given me a lot to think about, I look forward to reading your book and good luck with future projects.

Jennifer said...

I agree with chatterbox! WE NEED YOU IN DC!!! This book is so wonderful it needs to spread to the most important people it can and what better place to do that then in our nations capitol!

Erika said...

Is incredible how far of here has reach the situation in this city, of so many woman who has disappeared, I haven’t had the opportunity to read Mia's book, nevertheless that kind of news was day by day in the newspapers ...for a long time, of course a newspaper doesn’t compare to a good book, and all that investigation, Unfortunately there is another situation that has exceeded that kind of news in this times , in what goes of this year… 2008, has been more than a thousand deaths of the organized crime, gangs and opportunists of the situation of violence and insecurity that is lived nowadays in CD. Juarez, every single day, because the Mexican authorities do not solve anything, for threats, for fear, for corruption, for also being involved. I was born, study and work here... and is very sad that this city is known for those crimes, that impunity, and all this violence... Thanks Mia for your sensibility and sense of care …

maria09 said...

I agree with Leather7747, but that's easy to say specially if you live in the U.S.A or Canada and had had the amazing chance of hearing Mia speak. But the rest of us that live in Europe, or the rest of the world and truly admire her work and want to take part on it, please let us keep trying to get Mia to come to Europe.Thanks