Monday, October 13, 2008

The book launches today.

It’s hard to believe that I LIVE HERE is done. When I first met with Michael Simons and Paul Shoebridge in a café in Vancouver, I told them this would be an easy project and would take seven months to finish – maximum. Seven years later, after what feels like a lifetime of experiences, I am so proud to announce that I Live Here is on the stands!

I can truly say that I put everything I have into this project, and so did my touchingly brave coauthors Michael, Paul, and J.B. MacKinnon. Many other artists and writers, too, showed almost unbelievable generosity and patience to make this happen. Joe Sacco was the first person to say yes to this book and he never gave up on this project.

I Live Here is about how we are connected to one another. The direction in which the world is heading.

Working on the book has changed how I see the world. We were allowed into the secret worlds of child soldiers, underage sex workers, orphans left behind by AIDS. The experience stripped away the fat from my life. Sometimes it left me cynical and raw, at other times, humbled. Sometimes I was very sad, but the one constant has been the inspiration I’ve taken from the people that we met along the way.

Here’s the thing: Now that we’ve started this work, it feels like we have just begun. There is so much we want to do. We have created the I Live Here Foundation (check out the main page of the site for the link) in order to give something back to the places we visited in our travels. Our first goal is to set up creative writing programs to help people tell this stories. Causecast has funded our first program, and this winter J.B. MacKinnon will return to Malawi to write with the boys in the Kachere Juvenile Prison. We will also continue the I Live Here book series and build the artistic dialogue between writers, artists, and people worldwide who are falling through the cracks of poverty, violence, globalization, famine, and dislocation.

We have our fingers crossed that you will want to help. In fact, we can’t move forward without you. So, if you’re into what we’ve done, buy the book and tell your friends. Explore the website and write to us with your thoughts.

Today, though, we just want to celebrate a crazy, difficult, amazingly rewarding seven years of effort. We made it through with pure love and passion.

We hope you enjoy our book.

With love,

Mia Kirshner


sharon said...

A fantastic journey begins...

Cecil said...

Congratulations on your book launching! I look forward to grabbing my own copy to support your incredible humanitarian concern for the unheard voices in the world. May you and your efforts continue to reap success for good of this world.

Kelly Kilmer said...

I'm very much looking forward to the book! I'm also hoping to attend the book signing at Book Soup.

Grey Day Soul said...

I can't wait to read it. :)

Liz(柔) said...
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Liz(柔) said...

I am amazed that you becomes an author...
I just knew this news from your"myspace".
I can't wait to read this book!

keep your faith!:)

Anonymous said...

Hi Mia... congratulations on the release of your book. I look forward to reading it soon.

Please consider coming to the PA area. I would rather like to go to a book signing event. I've never done that.

Take care - from PA xoxox

Cecil said...

I think it would be nice to see photos of the book signing events. =)

Kelly Kilmer said...

Picked up the book today at Book Soup and got my ticket for tomorrow night's signing.
LOVE the layout and design of the book. Have flipped through it several times. Very strong and powerful images. Thank you for taking on such an amazing project.

Alannah said...

what a treasure to come across. i picked up your book in borders on sunset today, i was browsing and the title caught my eye and the inside more compelling then anything.

congratulations and thank you so much, this is what people need to be made aware of, our lives have become so jaded we forget.

continue to do what you have begun as will I.

take care :)

Cecil said...

Hey ya all..check this out
By jade_j(jade_j)
Leisha attend Pantheon's book party for 'I Live Here' at The Motley Bird Nest on October 14, 2008 in Los Angeles. Credit:
Leisha Hailey Fan (de) - Daily News -

Jennifer said...

Congratulations Mia and everyone else who worked so hard to put this book together. It must have been so hard to experience what you did at first hand. I could not even fathom how much it took to put these stories into context and using the imagery that only conveys your message even more. Ones mind can only begin to wander about these events.
Thank You.

Cecil said...

Hi everyone! Thought you might want to read sume updates on the book launching.

Here's an article "Mia Kirshner thinks globally in her first book"

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on the publishing of your new book, from a long time fan from Season One of TLW. I ordered my copy from Amazon a little while ago. I hope it achieves the goals you've set for it.

Anonymous said...

Kudos on this inspiring project. I picked up the book today and while I'm particularly interested in the stories from Juarez, every bit of this collection is fascinating. Best of luck with the tour, and hoping to catch you at the IFOA in Toronto.

lowercase-v said...
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lowercase-v said...

dear mia.

congratulations on your book. it looks like something i would like to read.

i really enjoyed you in the l word and i'm happy to see that you're more than just a pretty face.

i live in south africa and look forward to finding you're book here and to know more about you.

love and light

ps. i deleted the first blog because i noticed a typo and i didn't want you to think i'm illiterate or anything :p i'm a geek i guess.

lowercase-v said...

oops i meant comment. i really should proofread before i post things.

KID said...

I am so proud of you and motivated to go out there and do what I can to help. Congrads and here is to the book, opening the eyes of those of us that may be sheltered from what is going on.

KID said...

I was talking to a 53 year old woman on line who was not too computer literate. She asked me to help spread her message. She is on a mission to stop violence against children. I don't know if this is what you are looking for but it is worth a try.
Here is the link to the article that was in the L.A. times and the youtube video she made.

Thank you for the time

Vikki said...

I saw Mia read in Minneapolis last night and bought the book. It is visually stunning to say the least. Thank you for sharing last night, Mia.

Lori B said...
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Lori B said...

I emailed you via pantheon upon getting the book in from Amazon and reading most of Ingushetia. Thank you for taking time to reply to my mail!
After reading the book cover to cover I am completely in awe. In mere moments I go from cringing to crying to being in complete shock to then laughing. I have never seen such a unique book that utilizes multiple authors and uses various forms of literary technique to tell stories. Journaling, fiction, nonfiction, poetry, graphic art stories and artwork all combined in one piece was unseen for me.
Thank you for sharing your own personal stories- it is evident why you embarked on your journey. Moscow's Nord Ost would have made me run home. I don't know as "corny" as it sounds I find you very brave and heroic.
It is a true testament to your talent in the trades the mere fact many viewers can not seperate you from your characters. However, I feel that "I LIVE HERE" helps to enable those people to turn the TV in their heads off and see you for the humanitarian and beautiful soul that you are!
You certainly have a higher calling!
In Book 4 I go from the reality of Malawi, to the humor regarding the hungry "translator" who ends up not speaking the language to the heart felt journey of getting lost only to find Miriam and Sunshine.
Nothing like this book! Look forward to hearing you speak at Harvard and getting my book and a few other things signed.
Yammering concluded!

Peace to you!
Lori B

gulnaz said...

congratulations on your book launch! its a super, super effort and I'm sure it will go far!
all the best!

Lindz said...

Congrats Mia! The book is full of remarkable images and stories... stories of powerlessness, despair, and suffering - terrifying, really - but also stories of the strength of hope despite it all. You've given these women and children a window through which to breathe fresh air. Thank you for taking the time to meet with them and to share these stories with us in such a meaningful way.

Di-gal said...

Heard about your book Mia, congratulations! I will order a copy today, hope your book tour brings you to Calgary, we really need people like you to enlighten us!
Diane Galley

lowercase-v said...

i know chances are slim but please, take your book tour to South Africa.

Janette said...

wow! It's compelling, it's riveting, sobering, fantastic--what a piece of work you have put together. Thanks to all that have contributed to I Live Here. Mia and Joe--thanks for coming to Powell's in Portland--how lucky we are!

Cecil said...

A message from Mia...

Happy reading!

[[ *NiniA CereZa* ]] said...

I was reading all the story and all the things you try to do this world better. And i really love to help, but unfortunately for the moment i'm just a student of audiovisual comunicatiton who doesn't work and i don't have enough money to donate. But if you need a volunteer to do anything i would like to help. All my support from Peru. Peace and love for our world.

lowercase-v said...

i'd volunteer too if you ever do something in south africa :) can't buy the book at the moment but it's on my wish-list.

love and light


Camila Bobsin said...

Hi Mia you okay?
I love the book Here I live,
campraram enough people already
I disclose all my sites on the Internet.
the work you did, is very beautiful.
is good to know that there is people like you, fighting for better world, showing the reality that many times people do not look.
I admire you very much. / camilabobsin / camilabobsin
kiss Mia.

With Love.

Camila Bobsin.

Gossip Gay said...

We love your Mia, I love Jenny and i want to read your Book... Congratulations Lady !